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Heaven and the Contemplative Sportsman

Some outdoor scenes leave no doubt in the existence of a higher power.

Some outdoor scenes make it impossible to doubt the existence of a higher power.

I have observed over the years that people have different ways of professing their belief in a higher power. Fundamentalists may “give testimony” through loud preaching and exaggerated gestures. Those with more structured beliefs might participate in worship services that involve formal recitations and clergy-led introspection. For some, religion is highly personal, an interaction between only themselves and The Almighty in quiet moments.

Many outdoorsmen fall into the last category. They feel closest to Their Maker when they’re watching the sun rise over a barrier island beach on a warm spring morning, or sitting quietly as a doe leads her fawn through sun-dappled woods. Some give insights to their beliefs by comments they make in casual moments or stories they tell. Sometimes an anecdote shared around a campfire or in the woods may indirectly reflect the teller’s belief in the hereafter. A friend told me the following while we were sitting in a deer stand.

It seems a deer hunter who was a life-long atheist was out in the woods one day when a 1,000-pound whitetail deer stepped into a clearing. “Good God!” exclaimed the hunter. Suddenly a voice from Heaven boomed down, “I thought you didn’t believe in me.” The hunter looked up and replied,”I didn’t, and up until now I didn’t believe in 1,000-pound deer either.”

Anglers can also be reflective in contemplating the Good Book and all it entails. For example, they might ponder the following question:

What did Noah do to pass the time while he was on the ark? He fished. But he didn’t have much luck – he only had two worms.

Amen Brother


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