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Outdoor Notes

Decoy Weekend Still on Tap

The first weekend of December has been Decoy Weekend on Harkers Island for 33 years. With a few adaptions, it will be this year as well. Even though COVID-19 has caused the festival at Harkers Island School to be cancelled, festivities will continue all over the island on Dec. 4-6. The Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center (at the end of the road on the island) will feature decoy carvers, collectors, artists, music and crafters on the grounds on Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, there will be food trucks serving delicious Downeast seafood, a beautiful and unique Gallery of Trees, and visitors allowed in the Heritage Center in limited numbers. Social distancing and masks will, of course, be part of the scene but the same Core Sound Christmas Spirit will be there as always

Hunting Seasons

Deer (NE & SE zones): through Jan. 1

Raccoon, opossum, rabbit, grouse, bobcat, gray squirrel: through Feb. 28

Fox squirrel: through Jan. 31

Common snipe: through Feb. 27

Ducks: Dec. 19 – Jan. 30

Tundra Swan (by permit only): through Jan. 30

Light Geese (incl. Snow Geese & Ross’s Geese): through Feb. 13

Sea ducks: check the NCWRC Regulations Digest

Bear (Coastal Management Unit, Zone 3): Dec. 12-27. Check NCWRC Regulations Digest for other zones.

Woodcock: Dec. 10 – Jan. 30

Quail: through Feb. 28

Grouse: through Feb. 28

Dove: Dec. 12 – Jan. 30

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